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Jonny, the milkman's boy [userpic]

Hi. Silly maya hotkey question. Does anyone remember the hotkey for hiding the maya grid? I know you can simply go into the display panel and select it, but wasn't there a shortcut key for it?

I've recently bought and finished a game called Still Life on the PC (it's also available on X-Box). I seriously recommend anyone wanting to do 3D animation to buy a copy and look at the cutscenes. The modelling in them is excellent and its very well choreographed. The game is worth it for the FMV cutscenes alone, however it is a great and challenging game anyway. My boyfriend bought the X-Box version after he saw me playing it on the PC. It doesn't quite look as good on the X-Box but its still great too look at.

I've also recently purchased a game called the Moment of Silence, and the FMV cutscenes in that look to be just as promising as those in Still Life.

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Cleverblue [userpic]

Just a question...

How do I export object and material IDs from Maya to Combustion?

Denial [userpic]

First time posting to 3d_animation. I mostly play with CAD/CAM, but have a keen interest in computer generated animation. This week in Melbourne, Oz is the Melbourne International Animation Festival. I'm really hoping to catch one of the kids sessions with my 2 & a 1/2 y.o daughter who loves anything animated. Thought it noteworthy in this community. Only a couple of days left :( but here is the website link which might give the international community an insight to whats happening down under! MIAF

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MariahGem [userpic]

I posted this under "advice" on Monster.com, but I'm going to copy/paste it here because I need all the advice I can get:

This is an odd question, because I am applying to a non-conventional job. I want to become an animator, and I do have some experience. I was considering going to school for it, but now a local animation company is looking to hire 400 new employees. This is my chance, and everyone says it would be crazy not to apply.

But here's my question, do I write to them (the ask desk and the recruiter) and ask what they're looking for in an employee/resume, or just send the resume straight out. I want to start a rapport with them, but I also want to be professional enough for them to consider me. Then again, they are a really laid back company. What do I do??

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Broooce [userpic]

GOt a problem with 3ds max. When i try to preview reactor animation i get a dialog box, which says Error: SetPixelFormat failed, then i click OK and MAxscript pops up saying UNknown system execpttion, click OK, and highlighted in max scriot is the line: on execute do (reactor.previewAnimation())

anyone help??

Broooce [userpic]

Wondering if someone can help me, i'm still fairly new to 3ds max, only using max 6 just now, still to get a copy of 8. For some reason, all of a sudden i cannot rotate any nee objects i create objects, i can load previous files and rotate objects but if i make any new object i cannot rotate it. I noticed in the TRack View (curve editor) that thr rotation track does not have the x, y, z co-ordinated like it should do and like the objects from files that i can rotate. Instead it just has one track..vector length.

Anyone know how i can stop this from happening?? thanks.

zharof [userpic]

animation «Lobsterous»(2:50)

you can download it here (80 mb)

Wombat Love [userpic]

Hi everyone,

I'm new to 3d modeling and am trying to learn off 3d max 7. I bought "fundamentals and beyond courseware" used and it did not come with a CD.

Is there anyone here whom I might be able to get a copy of the CD from? Perhaps we can arrange a trade of some sort.



I thought it was about time the community had a new look, so I've changed the layout. Much better I think. I have also added a few new links to the links list, following request for info on online renderfarms.

I've also finally finsihed and handed in my dissertation, which means that I have a bit more time on my hands, which shall now be spent on the three assignments that I have left to do. Two 1000 word plus essays, a report, finish tweaking the unreal mod for the IEA module, finish the multimedia application, and then write my 8 page risk assessment and management report for MSDP. Slowly but surely! And only a few weeks left til the end of university. I can't wait.

When I've finished university I shall be flooding the community with updates and new links and useless bits of trivia.

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