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September 2011
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MariahGem [userpic]

I posted this under "advice" on Monster.com, but I'm going to copy/paste it here because I need all the advice I can get:

This is an odd question, because I am applying to a non-conventional job. I want to become an animator, and I do have some experience. I was considering going to school for it, but now a local animation company is looking to hire 400 new employees. This is my chance, and everyone says it would be crazy not to apply.

But here's my question, do I write to them (the ask desk and the recruiter) and ask what they're looking for in an employee/resume, or just send the resume straight out. I want to start a rapport with them, but I also want to be professional enough for them to consider me. Then again, they are a really laid back company. What do I do??

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thank you so much for your advice. I don't feel like I have enough material that I am proud enough of to make a demo reel, but they are looking for even low-level jobs like model painting, background builders and maquette builders. All of which they don't ask for much experience. So I think if I can even get just one of those jobs, it would be my foot in the door, and I could move up from there. You know what I mean?

I think it's good to ask them what they want to see in the demo, or search their site for that info, but if they are hiring 400 animators, I think they need different things from each one of them, I think they are building a team and as a company I would expect to see portoflios showing the best of each person and then I would decide their role in the team.

400!! I have never heard of a massive hiring like that. That's cool!