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September 2011
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fin_lander [userpic]

Hello guys!!!
I want to post my works here. It will be some work in progress (W.I.P.).Will be perfect to see your messeges about what you think how it looks and what's wrong.

P.S. sorry for my english ^)
there is one "Bag" with displacement, but it fixed


that looks really nice, the only thing i would say is with the camera movement, i'm assuuming that the shake is from the oncoming train. I think it may seem more natural with faster, smaller movements. You may also want to offset the start of the camera shake more from the butterfly, as people may assoiciate the camera move with the butterfly motion rather than a rumbling force, but SFX may also resolve that. Looks really good tho.

thank u for your comment. Very usfull for me.