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Grygon [userpic]
Maya's being a little b*tch.

Does anyone know why I'm getting this distortion on my image planes?

And for some reason it won't let me select ANY of my image planes. I have to go into the outliner to select them to do anything with them. Any ideas?


if by distortion you mean the squash and stretch, I've been tooling with Maya for years now and I have trouble with that. It happens when you zoom in too much in an orthographic view usually.

As far as selecting image planes in Perp view, I usually click drag one of the corners to mess with them. The outlines will usually select and from there you can mess with the other options.

I think u need to update your video-card drivers. Or delete maya's preferensece folder (by defolt).... Sorry for my english ,)

To select my image planes I always click on the View-> Image Plane-> Image Plane Attributes, this way, the image plane for that camera is selected.

The stretching of your image is new but I think it has to be something with the atrributes, maybe the Coverage or Scale attributes. The Coverage attribute is only accesible by clicking ctrl+A.

Hope this has been helpful!