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Vladimir Arsentyev [userpic]

fin_lander [userpic]

Hello guys!!!
I want to post my works here. It will be some work in progress (W.I.P.).Will be perfect to see your messeges about what you think how it looks and what's wrong.

P.S. sorry for my english ^)
there is one "Bag" with displacement, but it fixed

casanova_jaime [userpic]

Hello folks!

I've been searching the web for living costs in many cities in the United States but I don't know how reliable my sources are.

I would like to live somewhere near animation and art related schools and businesses. I think something like California.

Those of you who live in the United States, what do you think about living costs? How much do you spend on your survival needs? Which place would you recommend me for living and renting an office to run my business?

I would really appreciate if someone gives me some feedback!

See you later!

Grygon [userpic]

Does anyone know why I'm getting this distortion on my image planes?

And for some reason it won't let me select ANY of my image planes. I have to go into the outliner to select them to do anything with them. Any ideas?

Kat [userpic]

Hello all,

I'm a student learning 3d work, but most everything we do is in Maya, and any other 3d programs I have to discover for myself. So, I have a question I wanted to throw out to everyone:

What programs do you like/prefer/recommend to do 3d work with?

I don't mind Maya, but I want to get a better feel for what others outside of my school's program feel.

Grygon [userpic]

I have a ton of .3ds files that I'd like to play around with, but I only have Blender and Maya. Is there a way to convert them into some sort of other file that either Maya or Blender can read?

nobodhi [userpic]

EDIT: This issue has been resolved. My client is opting for another 3d model. Thanks for your time.

I need to convert a .max file to .3ds or .obj so that I can import said file into Cinema 4D. I don't suppose that any kind person who owns 3D Studio Max might be willing to export this file into a useable format for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

casanova_jaime [userpic]

Hey people!

A few months ago I wrote a tutorial on how to render in less time in Maya. It was published at http://www.3dtotal.com in the Maya tutorials section but I had forgotten to post the announcement here, haha.

In this tutorial I tell some of my ways to decrease render times in my projects and it has appeared twice in the 3dtotal.com's newsletter.

I wrote it thinking about Maya users, but some tips apply for other software as well.

You can find it at 3dtotal.com ( http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials_2/rendering_time/rendering_01.asp )

Hope you like it!

Also you can friend me here, I'll post more of my work here soon.


Your LJ friend,

Nicolás Casanova

Does anybody know of any good DS games that they could recommend?

Also yay as the Wii will be out before christmas. It looks like so much fun

I found this rather handy and easy to follow tutorial for modelling curtains and drapes - you can also use the same principles to model other items made from materials.


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