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Kat [userpic]
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Hello all,

I'm a student learning 3d work, but most everything we do is in Maya, and any other 3d programs I have to discover for myself. So, I have a question I wanted to throw out to everyone:

What programs do you like/prefer/recommend to do 3d work with?

I don't mind Maya, but I want to get a better feel for what others outside of my school's program feel.


I'm in a similar position, my uni uses solely Maya (which I personally dislike). I myself happen to use blender, because its free and works on most systems regardless of specs. It does have a slightly steep learning curve on the interface though, but I personally wouldn't have said it was that much harder then most 3d apps.

The disadvantage blender has is it's not really used in commercial situations, so other of seeing how things can be done in a different way, its unlikely you'll ever need to use it in a job. Still its worth looking over, if only for a bit whilst you check out other software.